iSCSI configuration: VMware ESXi vs. Microsoft Hyper-V

Now that Microsoft has released the much-hyped Hyper-V Server, it’s a good time to take a look at the steps you would need to go through to configure iSCSI LUNs.

As you can see in this video, it is incredibly complex.  ESXi, on the other hand, walks you through without a lot of fuss.  VMware is faster and easier.


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6 Responses to iSCSI configuration: VMware ESXi vs. Microsoft Hyper-V

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  2. iSCSI says:

    Your video is good.

    But you forgot to mention numerous limitations of the “easy to activate” iSCSI from VMWare.
    You report is biased.
    1 – no MPIO
    2 – No Jumbo frames
    3 – Non standard and requires “certification” to vendors devices instead of to a standard.
    4 – Performace is slower then Microsoft’s iSCSI implemintation
    5 – A LOT MORE drivers for 10G or 1G cards
    6 – If you want to remove fixed targets you need to reboot.

  3. ericg says:

    “iSCSI”: Thanks for taking the time to look at the video and for your comment.

    The point I was emphasizing was purely related to the management of the two platforms. Performance and HCL are really another topic, or perhaps two other topics. Do not mistake that for, “performance does not matter.” It was just not in scope for this comparison. Plenty of folks are cruising along quite happily with VMware ESX and iSCSI SANs.

    Feel free to post a link to any relevant comparisons, yours or others, of the two platforms that you think would promote further discussion.

  4. lamarty says:

    h, nice video, but i think it’s not fair to compare hyper-v managed via the server console and vmware using the vi client, at least you shoud have used an MMC to manage hyper-v from a windows client, so i think that the nb of clicks, keys and steps are not to consider.

  5. 4G63 says:

    Free iSCSI Target for Windows. One and only!


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