Misleading documentation or none at all? I’ll take the latter, thanks.

This afternoon I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to integrate System Center Operations Manager reporting with my SCVMM 2008 evaluation setup. I dutifully read the documentation which led me around in circles to various Microsoft websites.  Download the management pack?  It doesn’t seem to exist.  The one for SCVMM 2007?  That doesn’t seem right.

Check Google… I am not alone.  What about the TechNet Forums… Ah, thank you.  No, it’s not a solution to my problem, but it makes my problem go away for now:

The reports are not released yet and they are comming soon.  Actually they should be availible within 60 days of RTM, and we will be releasing an updated version of the packs which includes the 5 reports.

I don’t know about you, but if a feature does not exist I prefer not to see it in the RTM documentation.  As Chevy Chase said, “Thank you very little.”

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  2. keith says:

    Review the blog here. Yes it would be nice if the reporting pack / mgmt pack for Hyper-V was available.


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