Don’t know much about resource pools

Do you use resource pools in VirtualCenter?  If so, and you are thinking about using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to manage your VMware infrastructure, here is a discovery that may cause you to think twice about that strategy.

The resource pool is a means of partitioning CPU and memory, and it is also convenient for configuring access control.  Let’s say you have a DRS cluster with a resource pool for your web QA team.  When a QA engineer logs in with VI Client, he sees only the virtual machines that he has permission to access.

Now, let’s say that one of your fellow administrators wants to use SCVMM to manage this VMware environment.  He uses the SCVMM console to migrate a QA virtual machine from one ESX host to another in order to perform maintenance.

The VMotion completes without incident and everything seems OK…

Before too long, a QA engineer is on the phone asking what happened to his VM.  From his perspective, the VM has disappeared.

It’s not really gone, it has just been moved out of the resource pool.  Fortunately, you can log in with the VI Client and fix this problem by moving the VM back to the resource pool.

Do you really think that SCVMM is going to be your single pane of glass for virtualization management?

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