IGT Part 1: Mojave Only Need Apply

This article is the first in a series on Incoming Google Traffic (IGT).

When I saw this one, I immediately recognized what the frustrated web searcher was seeking:

“hyper-v” manage from windows xp

Looks like a new Hyper-V user that is not all in with Microsoft.  Time for an upgrade.  You see, besides being available on the Hyper-V system itself (well, not Core), the Hyper-V Manager can also be downloaded separately and installed on your laptop.  As long as your laptop is running Microsoft Mojave Vista, but not if it is running Windows XP.

I experienced this frustration myself when I first tried to set up Hyper-V.  The standard Windows client OS in my workplace is still Windows XP.

If you are sticking with XP, you will be happy to know that the VI Client runs great on that platform.  No upgrades needed.  Check out the Why Choose VMware site for lots of other great reasons to go with the virtualization leader.

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