SCVMM 2008 Management Pack Finally Released

The System Center Operations Manager Management Pack (MP) for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 was finally released yesterday.  As I wrote previously, the documentation was initially misleading on this feature — eventually we learned that the MP would ship 60 days after SCVMM 2008 released.

Let’s use PowerShell to find out if Microsoft made their release date:

$RtmDate = Get-Date "October 21, 2008"
$MgtPackReleaseDate = Get-Date "January 28, 2009"
$MgtPackDueDate = $RtmDate.AddDays(60)

$DaysTaken = $MgtPackReleaseDate.Subtract($RtmDate).Days
$DaysLate = $MgtPackReleaseDate.Subtract($MgtPackDueDate).Days

Write-Host "Due date:`t" $MgtPackDueDate.ToShortDateString()
Write-Host "Release date:`t" $MgtPackReleaseDate.ToShortDateString()
Write-Host "Days taken:`t" $DaysTaken
Write-Host "Days late:`t" $DaysLate


Due date:        12/20/2008
Release date:    1/28/2009
Days taken:      99
Days late:       39
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