CIO deploys Hyper-V, loses job to 15-year-old

A colleague pointed out this CIO interview from Business & Leadership and I thought it was good for a laugh.  Keep in mind, not counting developers, this IT department has two employees — including the CIO.  You might call that position an IT Manager.

I learned quite a few things by reading this article:

  • Running 64-bit Vista prolongs the life of desktops — evidently restricting instructions and memory access down to 32-bits is known to prematurely wear out silicon.
  • A good Hyper-V consolidation ratio is to go from 18 servers down to 8 — does that mean 2.25 VMs per host?

But here is the best part:

If you take a one-year break from teaching, what happened in 1014 hasn’t changed when you come back. If I decided to go on a year’s holiday, I would come back to find a 15-year-old doing my job twice as well and I’d never catch up.

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3 Responses to CIO deploys Hyper-V, loses job to 15-year-old

  1. DosFreak says:

    Must be a low experience kind of job (following checklists) or he’s doing poorly at his current at his job.

    If so I fail to see how a 15 year old can do 2x as well after a year of absence unless he’s referring to having to train himself back up and it’s not like a helpdesk job is radically different in just a year.

    Sounds like excuses to me or a slow learner/adapter who shouldn’t be in “IT” whatever the hell that means.

  2. Andrew says:

    Actually, 64-bit Vista is faster to deploy than 32-bit Vista on the same hardware, at least on the hardware I’ve tested it on. Doesn’t really matter when you’re just reimaging though.

    Also that article as a whole just fails. Nissan is not a sister company with Chevrolet; they may be partnered in the EU (and I’m not even sure of that) but they are not sister companies!

    He is right on one thing though, virtualisation platforms make excellent deployment tests.

  3. Eric Gray says:

    Guys, thanks for taking the time to chime in. I appreciate your participation on VCritical!

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