The Parent Partition is dead!

Long live the Management Operating System!

In an effort to clarify the overly complex concept of “parent partition,” Microsoft changed the terminology before things really got out of hand.  Surely you’ve heard the one about the Hyper-V administrator that called into Microsoft product support asking why he had to give a portion of his new system to his mother and father.

Now you can perform all of your Hyper-V management from the Management Operating System — unless you are using Server Core, which can’t actually run any management tools in its Management Operating System.  In that case, you simply employ the Management Operating Juncture, Advanced Virtual Edition (MOJAVE) to manage the Management Operating System remotely.

Xen-based hypervisors, please take note: you are expected to stop referring to dom0 immediately.  Especially you, SUSE and Red Hat — if you know what I mean.

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