IGT Part 6: Cluster invari-what ID?

This article is part of a series on Incoming Google Traffic (IGT).

There are still lots of folks trying to figure out why their VMware vCenter virtual machines are all polluted with a new custom attribute called clusterinvariantvmmid.  I know this because of the steady flow of incoming Google traffic with this keyword.  It’s kind of odd–Google for that term and you will get about four results, the top two being TechNet Forums and VCritical.  I would have thought that by now Microsoft would have formally documented this aspect of the vCenter/SCVMM integration, but evidently they have not.

Not to worry.  If you have landed here after searching Google for custerinvariantvmmid, the VCritical article on how to clean up after SCVMM leaves is still as applicable as ever–and it’s all automated with PowerShell.  Some say ironic.  I say use the best tool for the job.

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