Not another virtualization blog!

I just discovered the Virtual Foundry blog, started by Robert Patton earlier this month.  Take a look at his intro post, titled “Dude, not another virtualization blog” and I am sure you will agree that this one has very strong potential.  I especially like his angle of investigating new topics with original content and his commitment to accuracy.

This won’t look anything like a blog in the traditional sense. We will not be doing daily news snippets, product announcements, new technology teasers, or deep thoughts on abstract ideas, basically all the things you are used to seeing in blogs. There are already half a dozen virtualization blogs that have that stuff nailed, I read them everyday and you should as well. Check out Must Reads at the top right for links to the sites I check every morning.

His initial posts on Kickstarting ESX installations look great.  Check them out.

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