VMware vCenter Server 4 task and event retention

As tasks and events happen in vCenter Server they are logged in the VC database.  After a while these tables can become quite large.

Prior to vCenter Server 4, customers wishing to prune their VC database down needed to do so manually.  VMware provides an SQL script via KB 1000125 that allows administrators to delete old tasks, events, and performance statsBy the way, I am the author of that SQL Server purge script — fear my mad T-SQL skillz!

What a difference a vSphere makes…  Now in vCenter Server 4, there is a simple administrative option to configure the retention period for tasks and events.  By default, the data is retained indefinitely, but as you can see, it’s quite easy to set it up according to your needs:

vCenter Server database retention settings

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4 Responses to VMware vCenter Server 4 task and event retention

  1. Vladan says:

    It looks like that we are going to have our life little easier…-:) With the features like this one I’m getting more confident as well.

    I hope I will learn how to administer the new vSphere 4 really fast.

    I prefer to see a features like this one….

  2. Eric Gray says:

    Yes, there are many new features and quite a few small improvements, too. I’m sure you will learn it quickly. 🙂

  3. Jrico says:


    What should we do if that feature didn’t work for VMware vCenter’s Oracle Database? :/

  4. Lewis says:

    where can we see old tasks if they aren’t in the list?

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