VMware vSphere saves energy–and trees

You already know that VMware vSphere 4 saves you energy by running your workloads more efficiently.  In addition to that, there is new aspect of vSphere that will directly save trees.  With the vSphere 4 release, VMware is adopting a “no print” initiative for the technical documentation.

In the past, printed manuals have been available for purchase as part of a media kit.  Going forward this will no longer be the case.  Instead, the kits will include a CD-ROM with all of the documentation in PDF format.

This is a great move — technical documentation becomes obsolete way too fast.  Besides, there are plenty of better things to put on your bookshelves.

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2 Responses to VMware vSphere saves energy–and trees

  1. halr9000 says:

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. Vladan says:

    I totaly agree with You, Eric. We are living in a “electronic era”, so paper book are less and less popular. Most of the time I carry all my PDF’s on my laptop. I cannot imagine carrying paper…

    Also those days we could use devices like Kindle to read e-books…

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