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Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt — FUD.  The expression may have started with the mainframe generation, but these days most technology pros associate the term with Microsoft tactics.  That’s why I find it more than a little humorous to see the Microsoft Virtualization Team using it on their blog right now in an attempt to defend Hyper-V’s reputation.

Oh, by “blog” I am referring to that heavily-moderated corporate website rivaling some of the government-controlled media outlets around the world. Typical blogs allow readers to actually comment and debate.  It also would have been proper blog etiquette to actually link to Bruce Herndon’s blog when writing a rebuttal instead of just cherry-picking the parts you wish to comment on — to let your readers review the original content — unless you have something to hide.

In part 3 of the FUD series, Jeff Woolsey explains that the important point is to remain customer focused at all times.  Oh?  Focused like the restrictive Microsoft licensing practice (known as the “VMotion tax”) that was only recently lifted — when Hyper-V benefited.  Or focused like Microsoft product support when they turn away joint customers using VMware ESX.

It’s interesting to note that back in part 1, Jeff computed the Hyper-V reliability for us based on the number of times Windows Server 2008 systems automatically downloaded a patch.  Huh?  And yes, that is the same post where he immediately diagnosed the infamous Hyper-V crashes as being caused by an out-of-date BIOS — not sure why he now complains about not being given crash dumps to investigate the problem.

Let’s also not forget the recent videos from Microsoft.  Are those FUD, or are they accusing VMware of FUD?  I can’t remember, and frankly, can’t be bothered to sit through another painful viewing.  Instead of crying FUD, how about competing on shipping features and benefits.

Something tells me it will still be a while before VMware and Microsoft Virtualization can gather around the campfire and sing Kumbaya.

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3 Responses to Lighten Up

  1. Stu Fox says:

    To be fair, Jeff didn’t “diagnose” the problem as being caused by an out of date BIOS – he pointed out that the only times they’ve seen this happen that has been the cause.

    I wouldn’t class the Hyper-V “mythbuster” videos as FUD (no fear, uncertainty or doubt in there). They may not have been what I would have done, but I wouldn’t call them FUD. The Hyper-V crashing video isn’t what I would expect a company like VMware to post publically. FUD – maybe, unprofessional – probably.

    FWIW on my blog the comments are moderated but I publish pretty much everything except blog spam and if there happened to be something that was offensive I wouldn’t publish that either.



    Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft, but this is my own opinion, and not that of my employer.

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