Vote VCritical — for change

Eric Siebert is soliciting feedback from the community as he prepares to update the top 20 blogs on his VMware vLaunchPad.  That means virtualization blog campaign season is here.  But, unlike those multi-year federal campaigns, this one is short — just two weeks.

The candidates are out virtually knocking on doors — Duncan Epping, Eric Sloof, Rich Brambley, and several others are already campaigning for your vote.

Friends, if you have not voted yet, won’t you consider a vote for VCritical?

There are still plenty of important positions available in the VCritical cabinet — supporters will be rewarded for their loyalty.  Just look at these exciting opportunities:

We face a difficult time in the virtualization industry, with unprecedented challenges ahead.  That’s why VCritical needs your vote now more than ever.  A vote for VCritical is a vote for change.  Well, maybe not, but it sounds kind of nice.

Don’t forget to vote.

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