Even GPL can’t make Hyper-V Linux VMs well

Have you heard the big buzz this week about Microsoft Hyper-V and Linux guest OS support?  Microsoft released some of the code for its Linux integration components under an Open Source license.  You can read about it on the Microsoft Virtualization Blog.

I’d like to thank “Gostev” for commenting on that post with a link to the VCritical article on Hyper-V HA Linux VMs.  The Microsoft reply was especially interesting:

“Microsoft does not currently have integrated shutdown capability with Linux and will not have it when we release the Linux integration services (ETA Q3 CY’09). However, we will continue to enhance them with SMP support, integrated shutdown, key value pair exchange, and more and will release a version with these capabilities in the future. “

This new initiative still does not include Linux mouse support.  You need to download a separate package of Linux drivers from Citrix for that. Nor does Linux guest OS customization appear to be on the horizon.  How can Linux be a first-class citizen if administrators cannot deploy and customize new VMs from templates?

Here is the SCVMM user interface showing all of the integration services offered for Windows guests — none of them are available for Linux.  That means you still won’t be able to shut down a Linux VM from SCVMM.

Hyper-V Integration Services

The only enterprise-class virtualization solution that is ready for both Windows and Linux workloads is VMware vSphere — don’t believe the hype… or the Hyper-V.

On a related note, I am currently working on an article that covers templates and guest OS customization techniques for the top three virtualization platforms — please be sure to subscribe to the VCritical RSS feed if you are interested.

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4 Responses to Even GPL can’t make Hyper-V Linux VMs well

  1. mhong says:

    The following are also not supported in the new LinuxICs:

    – Jumbo Frames and TCP Offload
    – Hot Add/Remove (VHD’s and Passthrough Disks)

  2. Eric Gray says:

    Thanks, good to know.

  3. Fernando says:

    Eric, isn’t it obvious that MS does not wants to make Linux hosts to shine on top of Hyper-V ?

    I don’t think they cannot do it, deep inside, they do not want to do it, but are obliged to do at some extents.

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