Humble… but dishonest

Hard to believe that Microsoft Virtualization is still trying to convince the world that more than a million people have downloaded Hyper-V in the past year:

We’re pleased and humbled to announce that in the first 12 months of Hyper-V R1 availability with Windows Server 2008, there have been over 1+ million downloads of Hyper-V R1 Gold (RTM) software, making Hyper-V the fastest growing bare metal hypervisor in x86 history.

In case you are not familiar with this scam, please refer to the Million Hypervisor March and Hyper-V Deployments Suddenly Drop to Zero.

What will they do now?  Windows 2008 R2 will not be shipping with a beta version of the hypervisor like Windows 2008 did.  There will be no automatic download of the “Gold” code as the new R2 OS is deployed.  I suppose they will just have to count every single Windows 2008 R2 license as a Hyper-V host — just like they do right now.

What do you think?  Is there the slightest chance that this “1+ million” figure represents actual Hyper-V deployments?

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5 Responses to Humble… but dishonest

  1. I think the majority of the Hyper-V downloads is for evaluation purposes only.
    I downloaded it myself to see what the fuss was about but this can and may not be considered as a Hyper-V deployment. I removed as quick as I could.

  2. Eric Gray says:

    Erik, you may have intentionally downloaded Hyper-V to evaluate it, but keep in mind that just turning on Windows Update will automatically download it as well. Even in virtual instances of Windows 2008. That means a single physical machine could be counted a dozen or more times — even if it was actually running VMware ESX. 🙂

  3. Rick Schlander says:

    Hummm…this sounds very familiar. Remember how they “counted” the number of people that visit msn when that was the “default” homepage for all IE setups?

  4. Eric Gray says:

    Good point, Rick. Could “Bing” be next?

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