VMware DPM supported by all major server vendors

Today VMware and the top server hardware manufacturers (Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and NEC) announced full support for VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM).

If you have considered using VMware DPM  in your datacenter but have hesitated due to lack of official server hardware manufacturer support statements, today’s news should provide the assurance you need to begin investigating how much power you can save.

By the way, it looks like Chris Wolf was on to something when he recently wrote:

DPM can result in substantial power and cooling cost reduction by shutting down unneeded servers in a given ESX cluster, and then turning them back on once they’re needed again. Once the IHVs step up and do their part, I expect some Burton Group clients to begin implementing DPM for some of their workloads.

Have you been using VMware DRS or were you holding out for formal support statements from your vendors?

Meet the Engineer Video

In this recent video you can see one of the primary VMware engineers behind DPM.

If you are reading this post via RSS and do not see the video, please click over to the VCritical blog for the full experience.

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