vLaunchPad: Lucky number thirteen!

VMware vLaunchPad is now updated with the latest ranking of the Top 20 VMware bloggers.

Congratulations are in order to all of the hard-working bloggers on the list — especially the top two, holding on to their positions from last time: Duncan Epping and Scott Lowe.

Although the VCritical grassroots campaign was not effective against the masters, it did muster up a small victory from position 17 up to lucky number 13!

See the full Top 20 at Eric Siebert’s vLaunchPad.

Previous Top 20 Blog List

Just for reference, here is the previous list of top blogs prior to July 2009.

Top 20 VMware Bloggers - 1H 2009

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2 Responses to vLaunchPad: Lucky number thirteen!

  1. duncan says:

    Thanks! And if you keep it up in this pace you will be entering the top 10 soon!

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