Got Gravatar?

Have you noticed the avatar images next to blog comments that make each author more easily identifiable?

On WordPress blogs, these images are generally made possible through a service called Gravatar.  Most of the Top 20 Blogs at vSphere Land use WordPress — if you plan on commenting on the VM blogs, why not take a moment to set up a Gravatar for yourself?

I’m pointing this out in case folks are under the impression that they must have a special account on VCritical to display an avatar next to their comments — it’s all handled by Gravatar.

Do you have a Gravatar?

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6 Responses to Got Gravatar?

  1. NiTRo says:

    Thanks ! Believe me, i was looking for something nice during a longtime and one day i was waiting an ESXi boot and think “what a nice boot screen” 😀 3sec photoshop later it was done !

  2. Rick Vanover says:

    Thanks for the tip, Eric. I was actually trying to figure that out.


  3. Eric Gray says:

    There is no easy way to discover where those avatars come from. Good to know it helped.

  4. Vladan says:

    And once you change your picture in your profile, all your old comments change your picture logo too.. cool

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