IGT Part 7: Virtual VMware ESX 4 in high demand

This article is part of a series on Incoming Google Traffic (IGT).

It is very clear that the VMware community loves the ability to run virtual instances of VMware ESX 4 — this has been the most popular VCritical article ever.  Take a look at these keywords that account for hundreds of searches over the past month:

esx on esx
esx inside esx
esx in esx
install esx on esx 4
how to virtualize esx

Amazingly, VCritical is currently the number one result when searching Google for “ESX 4”.  I cringe at what the Bing results might look like, though.

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2 Responses to IGT Part 7: Virtual VMware ESX 4 in high demand

  1. Charles says:

    Ha!!! Bing’s top hit for ESX 4 is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VMware_ESX_Server

    It displays that it matched the 4 in Linux 2.4. What a joke.

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