Support VMware: 2009 Community Choice Awards

Have you voted in the 2009 Community Choice Awards yet?

Deadline is September 16 — if you want to support VMware and have a chance to win $250 at the same time, head over and vote today!

Voting Guide

For those party members seeking official VCritical recommendations, the following voting guide is offered.

VMware appears in many of the various categories — if so, the correct choice is obvious.¬† However, in some categories there are multiple VMware products listed.¬† To improve the effectiveness of your votes in those categories, please concentrate fire on the following:

Best Virtualization Product (Question 31):

VMware vSphere 4.0

Best Free or Open Source Tool (Question 32):

VMware ESXi

Best Microsoft Product (Question 21):

Microsoft  Windows 2000 Server (just for Fun)

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