Best of 2009

As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look back at the most popular posts on VCritical for 2009.

Top 6 posts — by page views

  1. VMware ESX 4 can even virtualize itself — still the #1 Google result for “ESX 4”
  2. Create ESXi 4 USB flash drives with Workstation
  3. Yes, NIC teaming is not unsupported
  4. Hands off that CSV!
  5. The VMware ESXi 4 64MB Hypervisor Challenge
  6. Hyper-V Linux Smokescreen

Top 6 posts — by reader comments

  1. Hands off that CSV!
  2. VMware ESX 4 can even virtualize itself
  3. Layers and Layers of FUD
  4. Microsoft tries deception, gets caught
  5. SCVMM/PRO Complexity: High
  6. Live Migration “significantly more complicated”

As I was pulling together these stats, I was not all that surprised to find that the more competitive posts tend to be the ones with the most comments.  The how-to posts ranked higher by page view — because they are linked to by many others around the blogosphere.

My sincere thanks go out to all of the readers, commentators, and fellow virtualization bloggers.

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