InformationWeek: Hyper-V Not For Enterprise

I enjoyed reading this InformationWeek article on 9 Reasons Enterprises Shouldn’t Switch To Hyper-V.

The author, Elias Khnaser, did an excellent job of articulating several of the key advantages that VMware vSphere has over Hyper-V — memory overcommit, hypervisor footprint, maturity, and more.

While you may already enjoy the numerous advantages of VMware ESX virtualization and purpose-built vCenter management, perhaps you have a colleague — or boss — who would benefit from reading the article.  Pass it on!

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  3. Eugene says:

    Not such good reporting I’m afraid… please read these posts:
    BTW: I still think ESX/VS is a better product than Hyper-V, but this kind of reporting reflects badly on VMware and only hurts the cause!

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