VMware vCenter CapacityIQ 1.0.1 for vSphere

VMware vCenter CapacityIQToday VMware released vCenter CapacityIQ 1.0.1 — an update to support VMware vSphere 4.  Like vSphere, CapacityIQ is offered with a 60-day trial.

If you are not familiar with CapacityIQ (a.k.a. CapIQ or CIQ), it is an add-on management product for vCenter Server that assists in planning and managing virtualization resources.

CapIQ is very easy to deploy since it ships as a virtual appliance in OVF format — just load it onto an ESX host and perform a few simple configuration steps. It’s also simple to use since the user interface is a vSphere Client plug-in.  That means no additional web interfaces or user accounts to deal with — just a single pane of glass.

To learn more, check out the Evaluator’s Guide and other documentation.

Installation Experience

For those curious about the installation experience, here is an overview of the very simple procedure.

Upload the CapacityIQ VM using vSphere Client

Deploy OVF

Configure Credentials

The CapacityIQ appliance has two user accounts: root and ciqadmin.  When you first power on the VM, you will be prompted to enter passwords for those accounts.  Unlike some VM appliances, there are no default passwords involved.

Configure root and ciqadmin passwords

Connect CapacityIQ to vCenter Server

After the appliance is finished booting, a URL will be shown on the console.  Open that with your browser and log in using the ciqadmin account.

CapacityIQ Admin Portal

Enter the address and credentials needed to connect to your vCenter Server:

Register vCenter Server with CapIQ

vSphere Client Interface

After CapacityIQ is registered with your vCenter Server, restart your vSphere Client.  Verify that the plug-in has been installed automatically.

CapIQ vSphere Client plugin

If everything is in order, you’ll find a new icon on the vSphere Client Home screen:

vSphere Client Home with CapIQ

Views and Reports

CapacityIQ comes with a number of preconfigured views and reports, as seen here:

CapIQ Views

CapIQ Reports

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  3. Scott Sauer says:

    Another great post, I just installed it, kicking the tires! Thanks for the guide.

  4. Vladan says:


    Looks great and quite easy setup with a guide like this…. We actually got an NFR for 1 processor.. So I’ll go for some testing… -:)

    Thanks for the info… -:)

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  6. Kyle says:

    Anyone know how it calculates the “Total Usable Memory”? Just wondering as it appears to be signficantly lower than what is truly available. I’m guessing a cusiohn to prevent overallocating?

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