Pimp My Hypervisor

I bet you never thought of Hyper-V as a tricked-out custom hypervisor — with one less layer than VMware ESX — but it is…

“Yo dawg, I heard you like Patch Tuesday, so I put Windows in your hypervisor so you can patch it while you virtualize!”

Inspired by a joke from Kendrick Coleman. With apologies to Xzibit.

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4 Responses to Pimp My Hypervisor

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  2. seyar says:

    no big deal…

  3. EBE says:

    k, you hate hyper-v, we start to understand..

    well.. you, and many, many people will hate it more and more..
    How happy am I to use both, enjoying them both.. the only way to have somewhat a good idea about them..

  4. Justin says:

    You butchered the Yo dawg meme and were nowhere close to getting it right. Leave the meme jokes to 4chan prease.

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