How Steve Ballmer Uses Evernote to Manage Executives

Now that the pundits have all weighed in and the industry has had time to digest the firing orderly transition of Bob Muglia from his position as President of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business (STB), it’s time for a look behind the scenes.

Not to throw The Cloud under the bus, but somehow a glitch has allowed this Evernote note to circulate freely; it appears to be straight from Steve Ballmer’s MacBook Pro:

Your Turn!

What should Microsoft be looking for in the next STB leader?  Leave a comment below — funny or serious, your choice!

Disclaimer for the humor-impaired:  This is satire.  No, seriously.

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3 Responses to How Steve Ballmer Uses Evernote to Manage Executives

  1. B. Riley says:

    Whatever the antithesis of Steve Ballmer is. . . That’s what they should look for. 😉

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  3. ClarK says:

    Lately i see much MS bashing 😉
    As an engineer in the VMware Competitive Lab at VMware, u could do better than making fun of a MS employee who got fired.

    “Send email blast stating that “BobMu” will no longer be employed by Microsoft”

    As far as i am considered, i dont consider it funny.

    It’s a shame i am sure u have valuable competitive insight on products to share with us. A case in point : why a SMB should consider System Center Essentials Plus instead of Microsoft Essentials Plus.
    Let’s talk features, ease of use, performances and forget about childish jokes.

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