State of the Sponsors 2011

Recently, I reached out to the VCritical sponsors and asked them each for an update to share with readers.  Here is what’s happening with some of the top vendors in virtualization management today — in their own words:

eG Innovations

Since 2001, eG Innovations has been a pioneer in end-to-end IT performance monitoring. The eG VDI Monitor, part of the eG Enterprise suite, offers end-to-end monitoring for virtual desktop infrastructures including the connection broker, virtualization platform, user terminal, network and storage tiers.

In the white paper, Optimizing the Deployment and Management of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures with the eG VDI Monitor, key differences between Virtual Desktop monitoring and Virtual Server monitoring are examined.

eG’s CEO, Srinivas Ramanathan, demonstrates the eG VDI Monitor in this 3 minute video.

eG’s monitoring solution is one of only eight VMware Ready certified monitoring tools in the market and it is also available as a hosted service: eG Enterprise on Tap.

Besides VMware and VDI infrastructures, the eG Enterprise suite also supports monitoring for 120+ applications.  And unlike other monitoring tools, you don’t need to buy separate modules or plug-ins to monitor new applications thanks to eG’s universal agent technology.

CSC and Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation are two of many organizations that are standardizing on eG Innovations for their VDI performance monitoring needs.


Flexible Virtualization Management for Today’s Complex IT Infrastructure

Today’s virtualized world is a complicated mixture of physical, virtual and cloud entities.  However, managing them need not be complicated if IT departments have a flexible management solution in place.

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an integrated virtualization and application performance management tool. It provides virtualization monitoring as well as deep-dive component monitoring of the entire hybrid IT infrastructure, including physical and cloud components.  It tracks performance of VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V servers, helps troubleshoot performance problems, reduce VM downtime, and helps in capacity planning.

ManageEngine Applications Manager’s uniqueness lies in the ability to track metrics of virtual machines along with application-specific performance metrics. Furthermore, by supporting both VMware and Hyper-V, Applications Manager helps manage multi-vendor virtualization technologies from a single management console.

Last year, ManageEngine Applications Manager was a finalist at ‘Best of InterOp’ in the virtualization category. By March 2011, Applications Manager plans to further enhance their virtualization offering by providing automatic provisioning of virtual resources based on threshold breaches within physical resources, such as the number of active sessions in a Tomcat server.  This is the kind of flexibility that organizations will need their management tools to have, if they are to effectively manage their IT infrastructure.

Veeam Software

Veeam has started 2011 off strong with a few whitepapers including one by Sean Clark, “The Essential Guide to Legacy-Free Disaster Recovery”, that focuses on the shortcomings of traditional data protection and explains the reason why now is the time to revamp your VMware data protection strategy.  You can also watch the previously recorded “5 New Ways to Use SureBackup” webinar with vExpert Rick Vanover, and catch the upcoming webinar: Essentials of Legacy-Free VMware Data Protection hosted by VMware vExpert Sean Clark.  See what is coming up next in the full webinar schedule.


Join Zenoss for a live engineering walk through of vCloud monitoring with Zenoss Enterprise.  Learn how Zenoss Enterprise monitors performance, availability, and utilization inside and outside.

If you are planning to deploy a private, public, or hybrid Cloud, or just want to learn more, see how Zenoss Enterprise can help when it comes to giving you the insights required to manage dynamic infrastructures.  Here are a few of the topics Zenoss will discuss:

  • Mapping internal and external vCloud dependencies
  • Managing capacity, performance, and availability management across vCloud, vSphere, storage, OS, and application
  • Leveraging Cloud provider and consumer access controls

Zenoss will discuss the challenges of deploying vCloud and show hands-on how Zenoss Enterprise automatically models each server, VM, vApp or vDC as it is instantiated – all in 30 minutes!  Guaranteed to be light on fluff and heavy on real world use-cases with full access to Zenoss product experts to answer your questions.

Event Details
Wednesday, February 2
Time: 2:00 pm EST/ 11:00 am PST
Duration: 30 minutes

Zenoss Enterprise IT management software is designed to meet today’s datacenter operations challenges. It is a single product that provides full stack coverage of networks, servers, applications, services, and virtualization. Functionally, it provides complete operational awareness by combining discovery and inventory, availability and performance monitoring, event management, and reporting. And since it’s built with open source technology it has the reliability, cost, and support benefits that come with an active community of thousands of users.

Thanks for Reading!

I hope you found this update interesting and worthwhile.  Thanks for reading VCritical!

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