vComeback Contest Winners! [Microsoft Cloud Power]

Last week I launched the first vComeback Contest, where readers were asked to submit their wittiest responses to the intriguing Microsoft “Cloud Power” billboard that recently popped up on Highway 101, not too far from VMware country.

The response was overwhelming and many of the entries were quite hilarious.  It wasn’t easy, but I’ve selected two winners, each will receive a copy of Maximum vSphere:

Tony DiMaggioYoda called…he wants his speech writer back.

Jacob Foster:  Do you work for Microsoft?

I hope you got a kick out of reading the entries — it’s all in good fun.  There were several interesting concepts submitted that VMware really should take a second look at; I’ll be sure to mention them to my colleagues in the marketing department!

Who knows… we might have to do this again sometime.

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  1. Tony says:

    Thanks Eric!!!

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