OpSource Cloud Experience — Import/Export

To wrap up this series on OpSource Cloud, we’ll cover virtual machine import and export.  Since OpSource Cloud is built on top of vSphere, the workloads are compatible with your private cloud without any tedious, manual conversions.

Getting a VM out of the cloud is a two step process.  First a VM is exported into OVF format, which happens in the cloud:

Next, the resulting OVF artifacts are downloaded and saved so the VM can be imported to vSphere:

Obviously, this is not an operation that would be done daily; it’s not a “vMotion to the cloud” by any stretch, but it is a reasonable feature that gives some assurance that this is not a so-called Hotel California cloud.  When business requirements change, it’s nice to know that workloads could be redeployed as needed without starting over from scratch.

This concludes the VCritical OpSource Cloud Experience series.  I hope you found it interesting.

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