System Center 2012 — “Now it’s a cloud!”

It’s amazing to see the descriptions one can apply to a complex collection of disparate technologies in an effort to appear cohesive and even forward-thinking.  For example, take a look at this bicycle I spotted recently — it’s loaded with features, but clearly there are some concerns with this architecture.  Significant effort is required to integrate the components, while reliability and safety are not necessarily “best in class.”

Kind of reminds me of the System Center 2012 cloud.  It’s a disparate collection of legacy management systems loosely coupled together, working with a hypervisor that is based on a general-purpose operating system.

Private infrastructure-as-a-service clouds based on yesterday’s technology will never measure up to purpose-built solutions from VMware.  Don’t take the wrong path for your cloud.

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4 Responses to System Center 2012 — “Now it’s a cloud!”

  1. Sim says:

    Funny how hardcore fans of different products can say the same thing :

  2. Thomas says:

    Eric, check what your CTO has to say about VMware private cloud products –VMW’s Cloud Infrastructure Suite is more of a marketing term. Those of you who know our product deeply know that they don’t fit together as well as they need to, some of them have multiple databases, some don’t look the same, some install differently and what I can’t stand is that SRM doesn’t currently work with vCloud Director. Lots of these are from acquisitions and they don’t work well enough together yet.


  3. William says:

    what is this system center 2012 cloud you refer to? must have missed that product announcement

  4. sam i am says:

    “a complex collection of disparate technologies in an effort to appear cohesive and even forward-thinking” talking about the jumble of VMware management tools from multiple acquisitions and which don’t actually work together?

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