vMotion Performance on VROOM! Videos

The VMware Performance Team just released the latest in a series of performance talks, dubbed VROOM! Videos, that highlight various vSphere performance capabilities.

This one is on the topic of vMotion performance — a critical aspect of meeting SLAs in a production datacenter.  Todd and Sreekanth were kind enough to include me in this episode, taking the opportunity to highlight the crushing advantage vMotion has over Microsoft Hyper-V Live Migration.


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2 Responses to vMotion Performance on VROOM! Videos

  1. KJL says:

    …there’s no question it performs better…NOW. I started running a few Windows 8 hosts in a cluster configuration in my test lab and have seen stellar results with Live Migration performance – on par or better than what I’m seeing with my v5 servers. I’m saturating 10GB pipes (current version of Hyper-V will not do that) and with all the new features in failover clustering I’m able to drain Hyper-V hosts with similar workloads faster than v5.

    I love VMware – great stuff – but, MS is on the war path here. Windows 8 is pretty damn good.

  2. tonyr says:

    The odd thing is that I’ve never had to drain a server in a hurry so I don’t see this as a feature that would sway me to v5, yes there are other features that would sway me to v5 but I don’t find them worth the cost difference.

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