System Center 2012 “Ready Now”; More Lies Ahead

For Microsoft, marketing future products has become somewhat of a habit over the years — if not a full-fledged addiction — and this latest campaign is no exception.   “Ready now” is the claim:

Ready now!

…but exactly what is ready now?  Certainly not the overhyped Hyper-V update coming with Windows Server 2012 — the great vSphere killer, some would have us believe.  But even after Windows Server 2012 does finally ship in the coming weeks it will be far from a private cloud solution.  As it turns out, the management tools required to build a cloud with Windows Server 2012 have yet to even enter beta.  That’s a bit of a problem for customers that need to build a production cloud based on proven and mature technologies today.

Don’t believe the marketing hype — the Microsoft Private Cloud wasn’t ready then, and it isn’t ready now.  For proven private, public, and hybrid cloud technologies that are in production today, trust VMware.

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8 Responses to System Center 2012 “Ready Now”; More Lies Ahead

  1. More lies, as usual…

  2. says:

    really? not even in beta? how can I be running this all today then? I think the saying “clutching at straws” comes to mind

    • Eric Gray says:

      The version of System Center 2012 that can manage Windows 2012 will be known as “SP1” – currently in community technology preview status, which means pre-beta. It’s actually a violation of the license agreement to use the software in a live operating environment. Yes, it’s true.

      • WhizKid says:

        …perhaps. However, the ‘private cloud’ is still a bit of an enigma for most folks – my company included…it’s a logical next step, but once you start looking at the economics of it all, and we have…I see a lot of customers waiting patiently for both Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1 because it does a couple of things. 1) They get the features that they’ve been asking for since 2008 – Server 2012 scales and has some pretty impressive new features and 2) They get a management stack that they most surely already have some familiarity with (ask anyone who has heard of or is using SMS/SCCM…then ask who has heard of Ionix?) that allows them to manage from the bare metal to the app that they can use with their existing VMware environment and whatever they are putting in with 2012. We already use a bunch of System Center stuff…the licensing grant gifted us 2012, so we’re definitely going to put it to use.

        The SKU’s are dead simple now, the price is less than with the previous version (and a fraction of what VMware quoted us for the 5.1 upgrade), there’s no cost for RAM or cores and if/when the ‘cloud’ makes sense, it’s already there. We don’t have to figure out which clumps of 25 VM’s we want to pay $4k….that we already paid for already.

        I dunno, I see your point here…Microsoft does tend to get a little ancy with their marketing and such…but I’ve seen you guys do it too over the years. All I know is, it’s going to be interesting to see how all this plays out over the next couple years…

      • says:

        you mean its not supported in Production, but then I never said I was .. that said from what I see I’m getting more for my $ regardless moving forward.

  3. NL says:

    I guess this is what happens when VMware runs out of ideas. It seems like your blog has become a place to nitpick Hyper-V or System Center, vs. actually take a fair look at the contrast between the tools. It feels a little like Novell or Blackberry pretending that everyone will continue to keep using their overpriced products that are no longer feature competitive. Are you really going to stand there and tell me that VMware offers anything close to what System Center is providing for full systems management, especially with System Center Orchestrator? Why is someone going to continue to pay through the nose for VMware when they can get higher scalability in Hyper-V 2012? The writing is on the wall.

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