How to make ESXi more like Hyper-V — funner!

Hyper-V is based on the Windows You Know™, and as a consequence offers a few fascinating features that could make vSphere administrators envious.  However, parity can be achieved on ESXi with minor effort — if you’re not afraid to execute a few shell commands.

You may be familiar with this view of a Hyper-V host — the funnest hypervisor on the block:

Saved Games

But wait!  With just a few simple commands — ESXi can easily offer the same capabilities and can be just as fun:

ESXi 5.1 new feature?

Clearly, not an officially supported modification to your ESXi host, but if you try it for yourself, please share the results — curious to hear why one would store contacts, pictures, videos, and saved games on a hypervisor host.

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