Microsoft Employee Submits to Polygraph Testing

Breaking news.  Microsoft employee submits to polygraph test, results leaked and now available for all to see!

Built for the Future

Twenty years isn’t that long ago!

Maximum Uptime

IT people would probably call vSphere reliable

Virtualize Everything

How do you virtualize the entire datacenter?

Total Cost of Ownership

It’s kind of free


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7 Responses to Microsoft Employee Submits to Polygraph Testing

  1. Matt says:

    Way to validate an up and coming (some would say passing) competitor. Nothing says we are scared like viral FUD videos that aren’t that funny.

  2. Kent says:

    …really? The train over there is coming off the tracks faster than even I expected it to. This is embarassing.

  3. FrankGia says:

    Hahaha very good. sadly accurate, but funny nonetheless.

  4. says:

    are you for real? now that is scraping at the bottom of the barrel … must be a slow news day for VMware in light of the teched announcements .. the freight train keeps on coming

  5. tonyr says:

    paranoia will destroy ya.. Its really hard to use these videos as a sales tools lately since more and more of my customers have both vsphere and hyper-v r2 deployed, some of them have even forgotten what the darn hypervisor layer is. And yes 2k12r2 is almost ready to roll.

  6. Larry says:

    2 years ago we migrated our 17 hosts off of VMware to Hyper V R2. Our voice cluster is still on VMware (Cisco) (400+ VM’s)

    Simply put is was the worst decision we ever made. Yes we saved money, a good bit. But not as much as you would think.

    Right now we are going through a Windows 2012/Hyper V 3 Migration. It is THE MOST painful migration I have EVER been through in my 20+ years of IT work.

    Hyper V clustered is NOT STABLE. SCVMM is garbage. Upgrading clusters to a new version is total and utter JOKE! If you have the money stick with VMware!!!!

  7. Tom says:

    Funny 🙂 But still VMware guys are gonna have a rough time 🙂

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